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Welcome to the 
2014 International Data Quality Summit
October 6-9, 2014  Richmond, VA, USA
“The Future of Data Quality”
Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center


Melissa Data specializes in multiplatform solutions that deliver

the full spectrum of enterprise data. Our powerful developer

components profile, parse, verify, enrich, match, resolve

inconsistencies, fill in information gaps - natively within custom

applications - enabling cost-efficient management of critical

information assets and empowering Data Governance initiatives.

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Data Blueprint is a Data Management consulting firm that

enables organizations to leverage data for operational

efficiency and competitive advantage. The company

conducts engagements with a wide array of commercial,

non-profit and government organizations to improve internal

capabilities & processes, design and implement data

platforms, and optimize data handling. Data Blueprint unlocks value in client data by saving money, increasing quality, and allowing organizations to rapidly respond to emerging needs and opportunities. The company’s unique approach begins with business goals or objectives, identifies the data required to achieve those goals, then designs and applies a comprehensive data solution utilizing its core competencies in both foundational and technical data management practices.

Data Blueprint Technical Consultants are all Certified Data Management Professionals (CDMP), which differentiates the company in the marketplace, and insures clients receive a data centric, tailored solution for each of their unique business and organizational requirements across all data practices. The company has deep experience with a wide array of applications and tools from BI & Visualization, to Analytics and ERP’s, yet is tool agnostic.

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Castlebridge Associates change how people in

organisations think about Information. Based in Ireland,

but with an international reach, Castlebridge Associates

provides business-centric training, coaching, and consulting

services in Data Governance, Information Quality, and Data

Privacy, particularly EU Data Protection law compliance.

The Castlebridge Associates team draws on a range of expertise to help clients improve their Data Governance, Privacy, and Quality capabilities. Clients include firms in the public and private sector, of a variety of sizes, in industries as diverse as education services, financial services, telecommunications, and transport. Castlebridge Associates also works with organisations such as IAIDQ (, DAMA (, and the Innovation Value Institute (, and with leading Irish and European universities, to develop and promote best practices and innovation in Information Management and Governance.

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